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  • SONRA proto (KARPUZ)

The SONRA proto „KARPUZ“ 🍉

Did you know that Türkiye 🇹🇷 is the #2 melon producer in the world after China.
KARPUZ aka the Watermelon is a certificate of good host culture in Türkiye. The bigger, the more hospitable. The more opulent the fruit, the more important the occasion and the more welcome is the guest. ❤️

If you visit Türkiye, be sure you will be invited to Çay and/or Karpuz, trust me.

When I briefed this colorway for sampling last year around August, I was not knowing the symbolic meaning of a Watermelon as I know it today.

It was ment to be just a KARPUZ 🍉(Watermelon) colorway, not more, not less.
But maybe it is kismet and the destiny of the SONRA KARPUZ „not to be a Watermelon“...

Releasing 9th of June 2024
via @sonraberlin

As usual 18:00 (6 PM CET).

upper: 70% leather / 30% textile
lining: 100% leather
sole: 100% rubber
colorway: KARPUZ

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